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About James Sweeney CFA, CFP®, MBA


I’ve spent my career in the investment management industry – helping clients manage their portfolios and plan for retirement.

Early on, I saw a deep flaw in the financial “advice” industry stemming from how advisors get paid. Instead of being paid for their expertise like a doctor, attorney or accountant, most financial advisors are paid like a sales rep – commissions or a percentage of client accounts.

The lack of transparency in these compensation structures often leads to advisors extracting unreasonable fees from unsuspecting consumers. In addition, they create huge conflicts of interest between advisor and client – often resulting in advice that pays the advisor the most, rather than what’s best for the client.

Over time I became determined to change the paradigm of financial advice from sales to profession by removing these conflicts of interest. In 2016, I founded SwitchPoint Financial Planning utilizing a flat annual fee structure that compensates us for our expertise and the services we provide.

I have years of experience helping individuals and families reach and maintain financial independence. As a Certified Financial Planner, I take a big-picture approach to structuring a financial plan that works for your needs and goals. Then, using my investing expertise as a CFA charterholder, I help you develop and implement a customized and tax-efficient strategy to invest your nest egg.

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