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About Justin Chidester, CFP®, AFC®



I find that the biggest challenge for people today, and one of the main things I solve, is analysis paralysis.

Tell if this sounds familiar: you try your best to learn all you can about your finances, filtering through endless books, articles, podcasts, and forums.

But it feels like the more you learn, the more complex you realize planning your own finances can be.


My clients tend to be smart, hard-working people who often have a fairly good idea of what they should be doing before they get to me.

But they recognize they may have blind spots they’re not aware of, or have come to the realization that they’re simply going to get better results with a professional’s guidance.

Plus, they know they’re going to save time, money, and stress if they work with a financial advisor who knows them well.


As an Accredited Financial Counselor (AFC®), I love helping people understand their own relationship with money and what it means to them.

Then I use my knowledge as a Certified Financial Planner™ (CFP®) to create your financial plan and follow the investment and tax strategies that will keep more money in your pocket and build your wealth efficiently.

I believe in providing that service in a transparent, affordable, and unbiased way that is not typical of financial services.

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